What We do

Pun Pun is a small organic farm, seed saving center, and sustainable living and learning center.  We strive to find more ways to live a more self reliant lifestyle by growing organic food, building our own natural homes, and experimenting with low tech appropriate technologies.  We seek to bring back the tradition of seed saving amongst farmers and growers by collecting, propagating, and exchanging indigenous and rare varieties.  We seek to live simply and continue to learn.

Seed Saving

We feel like bringing seed saving back into the hands of farmers and growers can empower people as well as increase the quality of seed and varieties we have to consume. As a seed center we collect rare and indigenous seeds from Thailand and all around the world, propagate them at the farm, and when we have enough distribute them through our loose network of other organic farmers and communities. We are a living seed bank meaning we do not only collect seeds to keep but grow and exchange the seeds continually to propagate the species coming back to use. We are now beginning to package and distribute organic heirloom seeds to the local area.
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Natural Building

To us natural/sustainable building means using readily available, local, natural materials with little embodied energy and salvaged materials to make your own home. This can mean using adobe (sundried mud bricks), straw, strawbale, clay, cob, bamboo (an easily regenerated wood source), stone and secondhand/salvaged materials you have access to. Natural building techniques are ancient and time tested and have housed much of the population of the world. We use these traditional techniques with experiments and innovations people are discovering today to make them a practical alternative for modern days to the resource intensive conventional building done today. We at Pun Pun focus on building primarily with adobe, bamboo, straw, and clay.
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Organic Gardening

At Pun Pun we practice organic gardening without the use of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We do integrated beds of a diverse range of varieties, reducing our need for pesticides. We propagate our own effective micro organisms for liquid fertilizers and make our own composts. We practice mostly hand cultivation and care. We grow rice, vegetables, herbs, local perennial edibles, fruit trees, and have fish ponds and egg laying chickens.
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OUR Products

We have started making several seasonal products at the farm including Kaffir Lime Shampoo, hard soaps, nut butters, seasonal jams including roselle and mulberry from the farm, and working with local villagers to make dried bananas and banana chips. Products are available at the coffee shop at the farm and at various shops in Chiang Mai.  We can also send you products by order.
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