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– Phone: 081-470-1461 (from within Thailand) and +66-81-470-1461 (from abroad)

– Our GPS coordinates are: N 19.21520, E 099.01212

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Pun Pun
Mai Tang
PO Box 5
Chiang Mai, 50150

 Public transportation from Chiang Mai:

Taking this public truck that goes from Chiang Mai is by far the easiest way to get to the farm but it doesn’t run on Sundays so if you are looking to come on a Sunday, see below for other options.  It’s also not possible to take if you want to do a day visit as it will not arrive to the farm until mid-afternoon and you will need to find a way back.  If you are coming for a day visit, we recommend you take option 2 below.

The only tricky part is finding where this truck parks in Chiang Mai and then all you have to do it sit back and relax.

To find it:

Go to the US embassy and face the Namping River with the embassy to your back.
Then walk to your right through the intersection and just a bit further down you’ll see a Red Cross office on your right.

After this you’ll see a gold shop on your right on the corner.




Just after the shop is a large mall called Nakornping Bazaar.

There is a small one-way road just t the right of the Bazaar building.

Walk down this road and at the end before the road starts to turn and come back around you will see two large white trucks parked on the left-hand side of the road.  These look like the normal “songtow” public transport/taxi type truck with open air covered back with 2 rows of seats but these are bigger than the red ones you see around town.  Go and look through the back of the truck and you’ll see on one of them a sign that says “Pun Pun Jon Jandai’s Farm” near the front windows. This is how you know you have the right truck. If the truck does not say this it’s not the right truck. It is also good to say Jo’s name to the driver, as we are close with him and he will probably reel you in anyway if he sees you wandering down that road.  He does not speak English but knows “Pun Pun”, “Jon Jandai”, etc.

He leaves from this spot everyday at noon but is parked there all morning after around 9am. It is good to either find the truck in the morning or arrange to be at the truck by 11:30am to make sure you can find it. It will take around 2 hrs to get to the farm because of stops with other villagers.  Near the end of the trip the driver will make a delivery to the local market and unload many items.  You can just stay on and continue.  You will be the last one off and the driver will point you to walk across the fields on the right side of the road.  The cost of the ride is 70 baht/person and you pay the driver when you get off.

After you walk down the path and across the fields you will come to a T just across the canal.  Here take a right and follow the path to the left.  You are now at Pun Pun and if you continue you will see our coffee shop and communal kitchen and eating area.  You can visit the coffee shop for a map to look around or if you are coming to volunteer for for a course, you can check in or contact someone at the coffee shop.

If you have any problems please give us a call at 081-470-1461.

– Coming on public transport that is not the noon truck:

Arriving on the truck that is described above is definitely the easiest way to get to the farm as you do not need to change vehicles and he will take you right to the village.  He does not run on Sundays, however, and if it is not possible for you to come at the noon time but you want to come on public transport, here is the other possibility.  This is also the best option for a day trip if you tell the motorcycle taxi driver to wait for you or come back to pick you up at a specified time.  You should arrange the pick-up no later than 3pm to make sure you can get back to the road and catch a songtow before they finish for the day.

Go to Chang Peuk bus station (on the north side of town just north of the north gate of the old city) and across the street from the big white elephant sculptures in front there are white song tows (pick-up trucks that have two rows of seats in the back).  The white ones go to Mae Taeng and that’s what you want.  Hop onto one of those (they leave every 15 minutes or so) and sit back.  You will stay on here for at least an hour.

You will get off at the last stop which is a stoplight with a turn to the right and a large bright orange building on your left.  Pay the song tow driver 26 baht when you get off.

Then flag down a motorcycle taxi which is a motorcycle with a side cart on it to take you the rest of the way.  These guys will know you are going to our area most likely but you should tell them Pun Pun.  This next drive goes through villages for another half hour or so and will cost around 150 baht/person.  They will either take you all the way to the farm or to the turn off in the village where you can walk the extra 200 m to the farm.

If you are driving your own vehicle:

Some people seem to find us with no problems and others come complaining of it taking them forever to get here.  If you’re not feeling adventurous, it’s good to print out these directions as we are a good 17 km off of the main road past many villages and with several turns to get here.

A project in our village has posted signs to get to the village at main turns.  I would not rely on these completely but they will help you to know you’re in the right place.  These signs are brown and white and say something like “Adobe House Mae Jo” with arrows.

We are located in Mae Taeng District, around 50 km outside Chiang Mai to the north. Take the Chiang Mai- Fang road north out of Chiang Mai. You will pass Mae Rim, then Mae Malai.  After Mae Malai you will pass Mae Taeng. After passing Mae Taeng continue and the road will head uphill and turn to your left.  Here look for a sign that says, “Mae Ngut Dam”.

The first stop light after Mae Taeng will be a “T” with only a turn to the right.  This is the turn to Mae Ngut Dam.  At this stop light turn right.  You will go straight and then up a hill and pass the Mae Taeng Hospital.  Continue to follow this road down the hill, over the bridge over the river.  You will eventually see a 7=11 convenience store on your left.

Turn left on the first left turn after the 7=11.  This road will follow a canal and wind through rice fields and villages.  When you come to a “Y” with a big royal sign steer left.  This road goes along the canal to your left.  Continue straight through the intersection at the Pajee market (the market is early mornings and afternoons).  You are now in Pajee village.  Continue straight until you see Pajee temple on your left.  Just across from the temple is a large tree and a turn to the right.  Turn right here.

You will immediately go over a large bridge over  the Mae Namping River.  Continue on this road around 0.5 km until you reach a “T” where you have to turn.  There will be a large golden stupa at this temple.  Turn left here.  Follow this road around another 2 km until you reach your last turn ( I promise!).  You will see on the left side of the road a yellow “T” sign turn.  Slow down here and look for your next right turn.  This is the only turn that is less obvious so you have to keep an eye out for it.  At the turn there is a sign with colored stones at the base, and it used to be an old school yard which now just looks like a large field.  There is an “Adobe House Mae Jo” sign here too before the turn.

Follow the road and after another 2 km you see a large purple roof on your left.  Then you’re in our village Ban Mae Jo.  You Made It!   Just down the road you will see a turn to the right with a sign that says “Panya Project”.  You can also turn this way to go to Pun Pun but you have to spend more time on a dirt road and in the rainy season it can be very difficult to pass so we recommend you don’t turn right at the dirt road but instead continue straight through the village.  You will pass a large temple on your left and if you continue on after the next shop on your right you will see a small sign in a small dirt road to your right that says, Pun Pun Farm.    Turn right here and follow this dirt road across the rice fields.  At the T take a right and look for a place to park on your left.  Please don’t park in the tamarind orchard to the right as that is our neighbor’s.

The adventure is over!  You have found us!  Walk up the hill a bit and you’ll find the coffee shop and communal kitchen and eating area.  If you’re here for a course or as a volunteer, go and check-in at the coffeeshop.  If you just want to look around, we have self-guided maps available in the coffee shop you can borrow to lead yourself around.

If you feel lost anywhere along the way just ask villagers to get to “Ban Mae Jo”. Only do this once you are past Mae Taeng, however, because if you ask people in Chiang Mai they will send you to Mae Jo suburb of Chiang Mai and this is not the same place. Our Ban Mae Jo is a small village that folks will only know about if they are from that area.

Also feel free to call us if you have any problems at 081.470.1461.