Seed Saving



We came to the land to grow out seeds, save them, and share them with others. We feel like bringing seed saving back into the hands of farmers and growers can empower people as well as increase the quality of seed and varieties we have to consume.


As a seed center we collect rare and indigenous seeds from Thailand and all around the world, propagate them at the farm, and when we have enough distribute them through our loose network of other organic farmers and communities. We are a living seed bank meaning we do not only collect seeds to keep but grow and exchange the seeds continually to propagate the species coming back to use.

We are a small seed center, with not much land or hands and growing and propagating what we can while mostly encouraging other farmers and growers to do the same. We don’t strive to have all varieties at our center but to slowly grow a network of people continually growing and saving seed themselves as well. While we do work to grow for seed, we also work to propagate the idea of bringing the practice of seed saving back to the lives of farmers and growers all over. We feel this is the true way to bring back our edible diversity. At the farm we first grow for seed, second for our own consumption and of those who come to visit or do programs at the farm, and third with any extra give away, make into products, or sell.









If you are interested in seed, you can send us a self-addressed envelope and what seeds you are most interested in to our PO box at PO Box 5 Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, 50150 or contact us by phone at 081.470.1461 or by email at We give seed by donation.

A Personal Story on Seed Saving

Pun Pun Seed Catalog

This is a catalogue of some of the varieties we have at Pun Pun. Different seeds are available depending on the season. If you would like to order seeds or check on availability, you can view our catalog below.  Then you can send us a letter with a list of your requested seeds and a self-addressed stamped envelope for us to send them back to you.  Our address is: PO Box 5 Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai Thailand 50150.  We only can send out small amount of any given variety due to the all of the requests we receive and we also hope what we send out you will be able to propagate and grow more out of and share yourself.  We give all seeds out by donation.  If you would like to make a donation you can click here for more details on how.

View our entire seed catalog here