Day visitors:

Day visitors are welcome between 9am and 5pm.  Please understand we don’t have people available to give you a tour or guide you around but we do have maps available in our coffeeshop you can use for self-guided tours.  If you have specific questions or would like to set up a time to have someone from the community available we ask you call us in advance at 081.470.1461 to set it up.  If you would like to stay for a meal, we ask you set it up in advance and we request a contribution of 100 baht/person.

See this page for transportation details.

Overnight Visitors:

Short Stays

At Pun Pun we offer accommodation for participants and volunteers.  We ask a 2-week commitment from volunteers.  If you’re not able to commit to that much time but want to come and check out the project and area for a shorter visit, we recommend staying in the homestay in our village called Earth Home (  Run by a woman from the village who converted her orchard to an organic farm with earthen buildings and a very pleasant, comfortable homestay, they provide private rooms and dorm spaces along with meals and a cafe.  It’s a short 5-minute walk from Pun Pun and you can come up the hill to visit us during the day.

We also have a coffee shop here with great coffee, fruit shakes, snacks and homemade products for sale.


We take volunteers for a minimum of 2 weeks and as long as 2 months.  The volunteer experience is a chance to see what it’s like to live on the farm and in community.  We ask that you join our community members for work in the gardens daily during your stay; from about 9-12 in the morning, and then 3-5:30 in the afternoon. This way you can learn hands-on about organic farming practices.  Most of the year work will be weeding, planting, transplanting, maintaining garden beds, preparing new garden beds, harvesting food for the kitchen, seed saving, and other jobs on the farm.  As we get to know your interests and talents, we can accommodate different projects as well.  We will provide simple accommodations, communal meals and direction.

Please consider the following criteria to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us at Pun Pun.

  • A keen interest in seed saving and gardening.
  • Independence, flexibility and eagerness to learn.
  • Happy to live in community and can easily communicate, work, and live with others from diverse backgrounds.
  • Enjoy learning by doing and experiencing different ways of doing things.

If you want to apply to volunteer with us please email us at  and please make sure to include the dates you hope to come and stay with us.

If you are looking to bring a group to the farm to learn or host something here, click here for more info.