Our Philosophy

We run our farm, community, and programs based on an experimental and experiential learning approach. We have worked with various groups for the past several years, and find this approach to be the most effective.

We believe in learning by doing and that there is not only one way of doing things. We don’t believe in experts, but in learning together by sharing our collective experience. We have seen that through opening the door for further exploration, new developments can occur. “Mistakes” are simply opportunities for more learning. This means that we spend more time working and experimenting with techniques, rather than discussing them in a classroom. We also keep time open for discussion and questions as needed. Since we are in Thailand we teach based on a tropical climate that can be adapted to be used elsewhere.

We also strive to break-down the structure of experts and students. We feel we are all learning continually everyday. True development comes from taking wisdom and knowledge from others and experimenting ourselves to create improvement. This is all we do. We will share with you what our experience and knowledge we have gained has taught us and we will also experiment together to develop new knowledge together. Our teaching style is strongly focused on hands-on learning. We feel with the skills we are learning it is essential for us to do it ourselves with our own hands in order to gain the confidence to leave the place and take the skills with us. We will also try to balance this with discussion and principles. We invite you to be open in accepting a teaching technique which may differ from what you are used to. And to also try as much as possible to come into the experience with little to no expectations, open to what happens through the process.