Who We Are

IMG_1250Jon Jandai (Jo) ) is foremost a farmer, secondly a widely known earthen builder in Thailand. He is from Yasothorn Province Thailand and has been farming all of his life. He also began building earthen homes on his family farm in 1997. He began doing workshops on earthen building in 2002, initially traveling the country and voluntarily teaching farmers’/villager groups ,NGOs, etc creating what is now a widespread earthen building movement in Thailand. He co-founded Pun Pun in July 2003 and is most interested in preserving our heritage in seeds.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeggy Reents is initially worked with NGOs in Northeastern Thailand on earthen building, alternative agriculture, and grassroots development projects before together co-founding Pun Pun with Jo in 2003. She is involved with most things happening at Pun Pun and has a passion for learning about and experimenting with earthen finishes. She from Colorado, USA and has been living in Thailand since 2001.




_MG_9207Tahn Jandai became an addition to Peggy and Jo’s life as well as the rest of Pun Pun on 9 July 2004. He is presently most interested in digging in the dirt, skateboarding, legos, and swims in the pond.





dtai and hungarian at workshop resizedRachabodin Boonchaiyo (Dtai) is an architect who left his private company to devote himself to working on the earthen building movement in Thailand. He has been at Pun Pun since its beginning in 2003. He has traveled extensively, assisting with workshops and building projects. He is from Khon Kaen Province of Thailand and now lives in Chiang Mai city, running Pun Pun Wat Suan Dok Restaurant since that began.




ADB_6118Kritsada Niamjan bought land next door to Pun Pun in 2006. He has since merged into also being a Pun Pun member. He has built many earthen buildings on his own land and also on Pun Pun and has a strong passion for the healing properties and tasty properties of food. He also is a yoga practitioner and teaches yoga and the Thai cooking courses as well as all other trainings at Pun Pun.




ADB_7060Nate Reents is Peggy’s brother and started spending most of his year in Thailand at Pun Pun farm since 2007. He is an environmental engineer and has a passion for low tech appropriate technology projects. He has implemented these projects on the farm and in other communities, mostly near the Thai Burma border. He built his own home next to his sister’s at Pun Pun and helps with trainings and other appropriate technology projects on the farm.




IMGP2959Daeng has been with Pun Pun farm since 2009 and before that with Pun Pun restaurant in Chiang Mai. She is an excellent cook of healthy local Thai dishes and continues to feed the crew and visiting groups and trainings at Pun Pun. She makes a mean ‘nam prik’ chili dip and she’s also a bit of a mama of Pun Pun. Daeng is from Jo’s village in Yasothorn, Thailand.




47482_10151031203911916_196590924_nYaowadee Chookong bought land next door to Pun Pun in 2006 also. She has also become a Pun Pun member, lending her specialties in cooking, baking, hosting groups, catering events, and organizing trainings. She runs the Pun Pun Café coffeeshop, shake shop and bakery. She also caters events and teaches cooking and creates new products with seasonal delights.




IMGP3633Phuwanai Khiawkham (Janjao) is also from Jo’s village and came in 2009 to live and work with us at Pun Pun. He works the gardens and a number of other things we need around the place (including welding). He’s also a great dancer!




_MG_9232Sramut Jandai (Dtah) is Jo’s nephew and has come to live with us on and off for several years. He came in 2009 to come and live and become a part of the community. Growing up a farmer he has general knowledge and young energy to get things done and also can make things happen in the kitchen.





_MG_9178 Lisa Houston is Scottish and has been living in Thailand for many years where she has been working on the Thai-Burma border with community organisations on health and human rights.  She has a passion for cooking and gardening and also home schools their two children at the farm.





IMG_1261Rocky Bittikah is Lisa’s partner and is Karen and makes some incredible Karen and Burmese food while helping with traditional wisdom on various aspects on the farm including chicken care.  Also a builder and homeschooling father.





_MG_9211Jack Houston Bittikah came to the farm with his family several years ago.  He has a passion for storytelling, reading, imaginative games, lentils and vegetarian food.





IMG_0292Ailsa Houston Bittikah also came with her family to the farm.  Her present passions include art, sewing, stories, and dance.





Kittipong Hancharoen (Pop) came initially as an intern in the 2010 internship program and hasn’t left yet! He’s now using his skills to help us catalog and collect seeds and transform the seed saving aspect of the farm into a system we can expand and develop. He has a passion for mindfulness practice and rock music.


IMGP3638Chaiyan Hoiraya came to Pun Pun from the Wongsanit Ashram where he was working and living for a few years. He has worked in various aspects of the farm including in the coffeeshop and on media. He is now on the gardening team helping to keep it all running.






Ramphai Noikaew came to the farm for a natural building internship and her enthusiasm, positivity and helpfulness made us all not want her to leave!  She has a passion for food as a healing element and also practices other forms of healing such as Thai massage and other Thai traditional wisdom.  She helps with trainings, volunteers, the gardens and kitchen and pretty much everywhere.




_MG_9276Nang (Walaiwan Poomsit) also came to us as a participant on a training and became so close to everyone in the community, quickly became someone we feel has been here all along.  She has a passion for language, music, gardening, and spreading laughs.





IMGP3805Sheena Niamjan has moved to Pun Pun the summer of 2010. She has worked extensively with farm education programs with youth at schools. She managed an organic farm at Prem International School in Mae Rim and hosted their visiting schools program and has a talent and passion for bringing organic farming to kids.




Nada Niamjan came into Sheena and Krit’s life, and the rest of ours in 2011.  She currently loves planting things in the dirt, helping out in the coffeeshop and going to the market.


IMGP3604Liam is Jo’s niece and came to live with us with her daughter, Wiew.  She is brilliant at making products from extra produce and presently helps with products as well as runs the coffeeshop/shake space, brewing up gorgeous drinks to let us all get our fill.





IMGP3661Em is a friend of all of ours who comes seasonally to the farm to help out primarily with seed saving efforts and everything else that we are up to.  She is an avid meditator and practices in her daily life.