Women’s Build 2024

December 9-18, 2024
Hosted in Mae Taeng, Northern Thailand close to Pun Pun Farm (Note this course is not hosted at Pun Pun farm but at another site around 20 minutes from Pun Pun. There will be a field trip to visit Pun Pun during the course).
Who: Women, non-binary, and trans folks of any age in any physical condition who have a desire to get muddy and build something spectacular supported by other women

Over the past 10 years, Pun Pun has hosted women’s building workshops in partnership with IWP (The International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice).  These have primarily been in northern Thailand and since 2015, the workshops have been building IWP’s activist retreat center, to provide a safe space for activists to rest, rejuvenate, and relax.  There we have built 2 small adobe houses, a wooden house, a dining room, kitchen, meditation space, and small storage room, all in women’s building workshops.

This year, we are moving our efforts to a new piece of land developed by Peggy and Jo from Pun Pun and will be helping them build their dream earthen house on this beautiful piece of land in the rice fields near Pun Pun.  This is our only building workshop planned on this land so… don’t miss it!

Join us December 9-18, 2024! And bring your mother, your lover, your sisters, daughters, and friends!

Who are we?: International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice (IWP) is a feminist organization working with grassroots activists on sustainable strategies for social change by integrating feminism, nonviolent action and spiritual practice. Pun Pun is a farm, natural building, seed saving and organic farming training centre. This is the 11th year IWP and Pun Pun are offering women’s natural building workshops together (Pun Pun has led mixed gender workshops for many years!) and this will be our 14th women’s build! IWP and Pun Pun are a perfect match for women’s building courses, bringing together feminism and natural building, as well as a belief that work and play should always integrate the building of community.
For more about our work, see our websites: womenforpeaceandjustice.org and punpunthailand.org
To register for the course, contact peggy.reents@gmail.com
Techniques and Topics:
We will be building the first floor of the house together and will go through each stage of the earthen building process. The whole workshop will be very hands-on and focused on allowing participants to experience every topic themselves.

  • Basics of earthen building design
  • Site and soil selection
  • Making earthen bricks
  • Mixing mortar
  • Building walls:  interlocking brick construction, Wattle-and-daub and Cobb
  • Installing doors and windows
  • Earthen plasters and paints
  • Day field trip to nearby projects to see other examples of building

15,000 baht ($400 USD)/person.  This includes course fees, field trip, all food and dorm or tent accommodation for the 10-day course. (Nearby guesthouses are also an option at an additional cost). This also includes transportation from Chiang Mai to the site in Mae Taeng.