Farm to Table Course 2020

November 20-22, 2020

Hosted at Pun Pun Center in Mae Taeng, North of Chiang Mai

Course is taught in English language

Over the years we’ve been living on the farm and creating menus with the produce we’re able to grow in our climate and area, fruits and vegetables and herbs made into new creations taking into account the season and the abundance of what we can get locally within our ecosystem.  We’ve experimented with new ways to do homemade classics and how to come up with new things we love to eat ourselves.  This course is a sharing of this experience with you in our kitchen.

Techniques and Topics:

The whole workshop will be very hands-on and focus on allowing participants to experience every topic themselves.

  • Introduction to seasonal foods and ways of growing them.
  • Harvesting and identifying local edible and medicinal plants.
  • Cooking Thai and fusion food with produce collected from the farm and our local area.
  • Basics of fermentation.
  • Community work will also involve chicken care and cow care along with milking the cows.

This class if a fun way to spend time in the gardens and kitchen, learning from each other and sharing wisdom and techniques gained over the many years we’ve been feeding people here.

It is an opportunity to learn through doing where participants will learn the techniques we use while actively applying them to projects at the farm in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. It is also a chance to live with other like-minded Thai and international folks and get a taste of community living on the farm.

Community living:

Evening activities and exchanges will also be included. A large aspect of the course also includes the experience of living in community with other participants as well as entering the community of members living at Pun Pun. We have found this element to be a major contributor in the experience of the course for participants.


General Schedule

Morning and afternoon sessions will be held with an extended break after lunch in the hot part of the day.  We will pick up participants on the first day at 10am from Chiang Mai city and provide transportation back to the city by the evening of the last day.

The Project

The course will be held on our center, which is an organic farm, seed center, and sustainable living learning center in Mae Taeng. We started the farm in 2003 and work to create a seed center to preserve our food biodiversity, grow food organically for ourselves in community and for those who come to stay with us, and host trainings and workshops on ways to convert to more self-reliant, sustainable ways of living.

Teaching team

Various community members from Pun Pun farm

Living situation

We will provide simple accommodation in one of Pun Pun’s earthen or bamboo guesthouses. A thin futon mat, blanket, sheet, pillow, and mosquito net will be provided.  Accommodation is single rooms, shared rooms and dorms.  All accommodation is in close proximity to each other.  Outdoor toilets and cool or solar hot showers are close to the guesthouses.

All meals will be shared and eaten in the communal kitchen.  Vegetarian and fish options will be available and we will try to use the most organic vegetables as possible from the farm.  Food will be simple Thai food with brown rice.  We try to use as much of our own produce and other seasonally available produce as possible so we tend to focus on a primarily vegetable and whole grain diet with added protein from eggs, fish, or tofu.

4,000 baht/person.  This fee includes pick-up and drop-off in Chiang Mai on the first and last day of the course, all food during the course, accommodation and instruction.  All proceeds go towards supporting Pun Pun community to grow and continue with our seed center and outreach work.

Community living aspect

Participants will also be asked to engage in helping with community work on the farm.  This may be help in watering the gardens, feeding the chickens, milking the cows, etc.  We do this to help participants to immerse themselves with the Pun Pun community as well as to help to experience more of our philosophy on self-reliant living.

We have children at the farm and share our meals and community space together so be aware that there is a general level of activity and noise in public spaces.  We ask all participants to refrain from any illegal drug use at Pun Pun or excessive drinking.


1) Email your participant survey to (see below for details).

2) Once you have sent your participant survey and have been confirmed, a 2,000 baht non-refundable deposit is due to secure your spot. Please understand we cannot hold your spot until we receive your deposit.

We ask you transfer this to our Thai account of which we will send you the details.  The remainder will be collected on the first day of the course in Thai baht or if you chose you may transfer the whole amount beforehand.

For more information


Pun Pun Participant Survey:

Please write us a short letter introducing yourself. Please include where you’re from and a bit on why you want to join the course, what you are hoping to get out of it and how you hope to use it later. This will help us to prepare the program for your needs.

Please also include any special dietary needs causing for any adjustments from the food offered as specified above. Please wait for acceptance before making travel arrangements.

Please send your email to